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Kerala Backwater
Houseboat Packages

We have seen that Alleppey and its sourrounding villages are blessed with its wide spreading backwater bodies. The major mode of transport was always voyage. So different types of boats can be seen here in Kerala backwaters and rivers. These boats ranges from Kerala rice brages to duckgrowerswherry. They have been sharing their joy and tears with Allleppeybackwaters for centuries . Alleppey rice barges had a substantial role in the history of Kerala ,particularly of Alleppey . A rice barger is a huge cock-boat.It can carry upto 35-40 tonnes of cargo. When Alleppey was a major port, these rice bargers played a vital role in the economy of Kerala. They carried pepper,copra,timber etc…..from the valleys of the eastern ghats up to the port of Alleppey .Graduallly the importance of Alleppeydescendeed and Cochin became the major port. Roads were build throughout and the relevence of such huge boats had nochance. Nevertheless moving cargo by these huge Alleppey rice barges is still profitable. As military boats changed into Alleppey luxury racing boats, so the Alleppey rice bargers became boat houses which are used as luxurious voyage vessels .They are known as Alleppey backwater boat houses or Alleppey house boats .

The Alleppey house boats are fashioned out of Artocarpus timber (bot :artocarpusindicus)

The strong heavy wooden planks can with stand the challenges offered by Alleppey back waters and monsoon. Long wooden planks are connected together by means of coconut palm fibre and coir. No nails are used .Once the 'chassis' is built it is time to build its stylish luxurious body. The contours of the body are like the roofs of traditional Alleppey back water homes.The decoration is with bamboo mat, coir, palymra leaves etc……..

Kerala Standard Houseboat

A Kerala standard house boat is a good looking vessel to cruise Kerala back waters and lagoons and rivers and canals…….. . It is mainly meant for a budget class tourist. It doesn't mean that it is mere a standard boat. Usually an Kerala standard boat house is an old fashioned boat.Inspite of its old fashion an Alleppey standard boat house looks very pretty. There are a lot of things to be enjoyed in an Alleppey house boat with beautiful decorations of palmyra leaves and bamboo mats is the example of original Kerala architecture. A standard boat house offers you a comfortable cruise on the back waters of Kerala with in your budget. In fact the eternal beauty of the back waters and lagoons provides vision which is of the first water. With chowries of coconut palm leaves, a cruise in an Alleppey standard boat house fetches limitless joy which cannot be expressed by words or alphabets or sounds.

The facilities offered ina standard Alleppey house boat are of better quality even if it is limited.

A limited facilites can be availed . The lunch and dinner menu is with fish and chicken. An Alleppey standard boat house provides facilities equal to a 2 star hotel. Fan will be there but only limited hours of A/C can be availed . Two types of fruits and lemon juice are common in anAlleppey standard house boat.

You can enjoy the beauty of Kerala back water even if you are a budgetclass traveller, quite reasonably.

Kerala Deluxe Houseboat

Enjoy the Kerala backwaters in a deluxe style. A beautifully furnished vessel- The Kerala deluxe boat houses are ready for you. Actually only a cold fish can ignore the beauty of Kerala back waters where the lake water and coconut palms sing in a low but enchanting style. We have seen that you can get Kerala deluxe house boats with one to seven bed roms. It offers a 3 star facility while you relish the Kerala backwater beauty.

A/C will be provided from 8.30 PM to 6.30 AM if you feel a little disturbed by the equatorial Alappuzha humidity.Better facilities are given in an Alleppey deluxe houseboats. The back waters are pandamic with flocks of ducks and its grower follows in amagic wherry which canjust occupy a man. And you would watch it from your Kerala deluxe boat house.


An Kerala backwater deluxe house boat is a luxurious strong huge boat marvellously decorated with palmyra leaves and bamboo mat. It mayremind us of chinees architecture, some times. Watching an Alleppey deluxe house boat in Alleppey backwaters would be a wonderful experience .Sitting in Kerala backwater deluxe house boat one can enjoy eternal beauty of backwaters. Throughout its shore, by summer, you can avail fresh ripen mango directly from the trees. Variety of species of mango trees are seen in the Alleppey backwater villages. With mango fruits and tender coconut water one can survive with out any other food or drinks for months. The wide spreading backwaterwind itself has a sweet taste. Usually an Alleppey deluxe boat house is buit with balcony. It offers an ariel viewof the wide spreading beauty. Alleppey house boats with out balcony are also built.

If you want to cool your mind and body Kerala backwater will provide you cool brezee.Even in a non-A/cKerala deluxe house boat one can definitly tipple the endless beauty of backwater and the sweet and highly nutrious tender coconut water.

A/c is also provided in anKerala deluxe house boat. When you dock your Alleppey house boat under a palmshade and it the tropical sun disturbs you a bit, you can ask your crew to turn on the A/C . An Alleppey deluxe house boat serves you, as you wish to be served.

The food and drinks in an Alleppey deluxe house boat is of better quality. A prosperous fruit basket with four type of fruits is available.

Kerala deluxe house boat , as we have seen , usually has an upper deck facility. You can get it on demand .Attempting an upper deck voyage through Kerala backwater is fantastic as you came all the way to her linidge and she has arranged chowries and breeze and drizzle for you ! – Flesh and blood cannot ignore it for sure ! Even a cold fish would be a poet here in the Kerala backwater villages.

Kerala Premium Backwater Houseboat

It is agreed by all that a satisfied mind is a real feast. The great poets JohnKeats and Yeats looked for peace of mind somewhere in the shades of Arabia and on the lake Island of Innissfree. As a matter of fact , as human beings, we are acquainted with unhappiness, are not we ? . To our way of thinking the Kerala backwaters made to over come such aconfusion .It would dedicatlycouncel you with its toungueless voice. When one is left high and dry, they can think of Kerala backwaters to rejuvenice themselves. This eternal beauty can never be adequetly rendered in laungages. Feast your eyes and you can just loose yourselfin the viels of the dawns of Kerala backwaters.

These pandamicKerala backwater borne many boats which fullfill entire human needsof Kerala backwater villages.As weall know, ducks are water birds and wide spreading water bodies and pandamic paddy fields backwaters and villages are the perfect habitat for these pretty birds. It is not at all easy to graze flocks of ducks in these Kerala backwater. A duck grower in Alleppey uses a magic wherry. it can just accommodate 50-55 kgs.watching a duckgrower sail a wherry is as good as play.The story of Kerala backwaters boats starts right from this duck growers wherry. The Kerala backwater villagers made play of various kind of boats. They have the knack of designing water vessels and these boats includesKeralarive bargers,luxurious racing boats and different types of other boats. The huge Kerala rice barges were used as cockboats which can ,at a time, carry a substantial amount of cargo.Afterloosing the role as cock-boats,theKerala backwater rice barges joined as key members of the tourist sector of Kerala. Then onwords they are called Alleppey boat house or Alappuzha house boat. Onecannot , at all, play down an Kerala houseboat in the backwaters of alleppey.

Kerala premium house boat is a fantastic,launche used to cruise Kerala backwaters villages. It is made up of Artocarpus wood (botanical- artocarpusindicus) The indegenous art of buildingof Alleppey house boats is well recogonized. After the body is made, she is decorated with wood, palymra leaves,bamboomat, coirmat to change her to a royal and loyal luxurious boat of Alleppey backwater. Where on earth, one cannot ignore it! The bamboo art in an Alappuzha Premium house boat is of firstwater.

It provides facilities which equate with facilities in a 4 star hotel. Some times in Kerala backwaters you may feel little hot. In an Alleppey premium boat house you can enjoy A/C day in and day out.

A high class menu with fish and chicken on dinner and lunch can be enjoyed in Kerala premium boat house. What Kerala premium house boat ! A Premium house boat has many features,eg, you can conduct a conference in it while you cruise the coconut lagoons or a birthday party can be arranged inKerala Premium boat house. I the backdrops of enchanting Kerala backwaters .A wedding reception in Kerala Premium boat house would be remembered for a long time.

Kerala Premium boat house is a perfect tool to freakout along the Kerala backwaters coast. Its living area is glass covered to ensure comfortable A/c operation.

Aprosperous fruit basket with six type of fruits and tender coconut can be enjoyed in Kerala backwater Premium house boat - Never miss it!


Kerala Honeymoon Houseboat

A Honey moon may occur once in our life. It is something significant in your life which would remembered throughout your life. That is to say a honey moon should be enjoyed by all means. It is sure that the backdrops of a honey moon must be, what we call dreamy. It should give you peace of mind which cannot be artifically created .A honey moon is manifestation of dreams.It may come across as ironical why man celebrates honey moon .Still we are hot able to explain it, we know that such wonderful experience cannot be avoided.A honey moon is not just roaming or rambling aroundwith your mate, it is something which grows to eternity. Kerala backwaters and backwaters villages are the perfect destinations to enjoy your honey moon. Your mind is full of blossoms. Probably homosapien is the only creature who can call to mind the events he witnessed.Kerala backwaters are exclusively made for celebrating a honey moon. These Kerala backwaters are referred to as true heaven on this incredible planet.The philosophers of India say that our body and mind are not different, notwithstanding they are two organs of what they call 'you'. When your mind gets delighted it will enhance your physical body as well .So it very inevitable to keep your mind out of distributing matters when you enjoy your honey moon .The positive energy created here in Kerala backwaters shall donate its virtues to you and you will realize living is more than beautiful!

The presece of pandamicKerala backwaters gives you such wonderful experience when you enjoy your honey moon here in Alleppey. After all a honey moon is the beginning of a new life. Enjoy it in style! The Kerala backwaters will always fall in with your taste .we in Alleppey oftenbackupon these endless Alleppey backwaters , whenever we are down in the mouth and obiviously get rejuveniced. When you are in Kerala backwaters, your privacy…… the emerald chowrie of coconut palm……….. time shall never hang heavy. The heavenly experience at your back and call! chalk out a plan to turn in Kerala for a honey moon backwater cruise.

A honeymoon houseboat in Kerala backwaters is a bold, huge vessel tonnes of payload capacity which royaly and beautifully and efficiently cruise the backwaters of Kerala.As she is a queen, she is decked up to host such pairs like you.An upper deck facility offers you entire privacy for sure. A privacy ,admits coconut palms and lagoons, to be called to mind for good !.


A tropical Kerala honey moon boat is a well decorated 'Kerala rice barger. Various species of bamboo… coir ………..palmyraleaves………ornamental decorations fashioned out of coconut shells………… , In short a real queen you can adore,call her 'AlleppeyKuttanadan' backwater queen with full time A/c, warm water facilites and many more……..

To call in Kerala honey moon houseboat means nothinhg but be with delightful feelings.

Kerala Luxury Backwater Houseboat

We have already understood that the huge Kerala rice barges never gave up after loosing its upperhands as cock-boats. They never sat and cried remembering their Halcoyn days as major cargo carriers. They got all dolled up and got on with Kerala backwater tourism.

Kerala luxury boat houses is the ultimate word of backwater tourism in Kerala.Its elegant blackbody perfectly matches with the blue green Keralabackwaters .It has its own features. Sitting in the balcony an Alappuzha boat luxury boat house is a heavenly feeling .The lake, panoramic paddy fields, sometime emerald, sometime golden why on earth the Kerala backwater sourrounding we see, as if she were a sorceress. Throughout your Kerala backwater cruise you would be spellher incantations.

Kerala luxury boat is fashioned out of artocarpus timber,(bot .artocarpusindicus) and decerated elegantly and luxuriously with palymra leaves, bamboo mat, coirmat, brass and glass.

In kerala luxury boat house you will be served in astylish manner with a fruit basket having seven types of fruits. As you wish you can have A/c day in and day out. Kerala luxury boat house has many peculiarities of her own. She is often equiped with a canoe to cruise interior canals in Kerala backwaters villages.

She offers you warm water facility with bath tub. For sure an Alleppeybackwater village cruise in an Alleppey luxury boat house is one of the main events to be done before joining the great majority.

Kerala luxury houseboat would show you a world of good to our wandering experience .With delicious sea foods and chicken besides traditional vegitable meals of Alleppey. Enjoy it…

You can select from a variety of packages which includes old age boat house package with homestay , honey moon boat house packages,package exclusively for students and researchers , wedding reception boat house packages , Conference boat house packages, family boat house packages,Kerala boat racing day boat house packages and many more………..

To know about the nuts and bolts of it visit our page Kerala backwater boat house packages.

In fact, all these boat houses , rice barges, snake boats are the parts of kerala backwater village tradition. It would be far reasonable to see what is Kerala backwater.

Kerala Backwater Punting Houseboat

A punting boat house is a heaven for a wandering amateur tourist. In fact, not as at all a joke, is a heavenly experience. The tourist himself will have to spare his sweat to move on water. Premium experience but not premium facilities. Take your life as it comes!

p>Punting needs no bio fuels no motor only you and a long bamboo pole.

What you do you mean by punting ?.

Punting is nothing by but a technique used in back waters of Alappuzha to create a motion on water . A punter stands with a long bamboo pole by which he hit muddy underground of water, the vessel moves in the opposite direction. Welcome, Alappuzha punting means cruising back waters by your sweat not by fossil fuels. (read our page Alleppey food and beverages )


Kerala Wedding Reception Houseboat

Wedding reception can be performed anywhere on this planet, nevertheless such a reception done in Kerala backwater houseboat would be a unique experience. Big boat houses with enough floor space are here to welcome you by all means. It is sure that a person's wedding never happens every now and then. It's a beautiful unique experience and the reception must also be like that. Having a wedding reception in Kerala house boat means nothing but having it in heaven. Your family would remember it forever. This Kerala backwater is a genuine magician who would make true your dreams. Being a hostess you would be entirely satisfied with Kerala wedding reception house boat. Your host would wonder what a hostess you were. So we invite you to just enjoy it in Kerala backwater. As a matter of fact it is an epitome of place for wedding reception.


Kerala Conference Houseboat

We recognize that a conference is a serious matter. It is to be organized in such an atmosphere. Kerala conference house boat is exclusively designed and created to fulfill your needs for a conference It is to be noticed that the atmosphere influence our moods and decisions. The nature's lap is the perfect place to plan and review our actions. Surrounded with pandemic fresh water body a conference turn quite worthy. A conference house boat has total facilities to conduct a conference. Facilities like A/c, mike, upper deck are provided to perform your conference confidently. It's a huge vessel built with a fantastic architectural sense. Both quantity and quality can be availed in it.


Kerala Largest Houseboat

We Kerala backwater houseboat have 7 bed room with large AC conference hall houseboat.This is the biggest houseboat in kerala , boat travelers capacity around 200pax,hull size 108ft*18.5ft*5.5ft steel hull.

Kerala Family Houseboat

Man is a creature who cannot survive individually at all. That's why we created society. It obvious that that society is a huge mansion house which had been built by the blocks, what we call families. By and large a family is a vital factor in maintaining the society or we can say with un healthy families, society is nothing but a decayed castle. It must be remembered that a chain is not stronger than its weakest link. That is to say a healthy family is a healthy link of the society.

We proudly offer you such fantastic packages for families. Many families had it in the past and many family problems had been solved by this package for this pandemic kerala backwater is a perfect counselor