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Kerala Backwater Cruise

Man is an amphibian who lives in two worlds the given and the home made . When he feels tired by the home made life he, spontaneously, looks for the given one for his genius is cheek and jowl only with the lap of Mother Nature. Kerala Backwater Houseboat tourism is exclusively a destination to heal the wounds of the hectic humanity.

We open creative opportunities to cruise many back water villages. One can roam through the deserted bunds of paddy fields where variety of species of plantains under palm shades; a gathering of eternal beauty and you !

Kerala houseboat tourism mainly targets cruise back water villages, coconut lagoons, rivers and canals. In Kerala houseboats we serve traditional Kerala 'Kuttanadan' foods and drinks- a highly recognized delicious and nutrias menu. One can enjoy back water fishing, swimming and by twilight a comfortable home stay between paddy fields and back waters, and obliviously a candle light dinner with Kerala fresh water prawn.

Kerala Backwater Shikara Boats

Shikara is comparatively smaller than a house boat. We can take that for granted, as if a shikara were a pick up van on the roads and has been serving the tourists of Alappuzha as a taxi does on land . A Shikara offers seating capacity for four men to twenty men. It is truly meant for cruising remote Alleppey back water villages which are not accessible by huge vessels. One can enjoy , terribly we mean it , shallow water cruise which call to mind the Amazon deep forest canals and would be a feather touch for one's bleeding heart by the ogling and hectic humanity as it allows a very close sight to the back waters , you can even dip your hand into the cool wonderful liquid what we call water, the back waters of Alappuzha in a shikara is quiet worthy. In a shikara you can closely watch the rustic lifestyle of back water villages absolutely genuine in its class.

We Alappuzha boat house has our own shikara back water cruise packages with full of variety by all means , as follows :

You can open your cruise at any time . Normally we start at early hours, enjoying the lake waters lapping sound; the sun is about to rise; scarlet horizon lies above the back waters; the Lotus is a bride before the rising sun; cool gentle breeze, very very thin veil of the dawn, you cannot try a word picture which reflects the beauty, as much as you cannot make a man understand fully, about sweetness; you only feel it as it is the embodiment of your mother's love which extends even the other side of the grave .

You can have your breakfast at any time; have it when you wish Menu : exclusively traditional Alappuzha Kuttanad food ( for more details read our page Alleppy food and beverages ). We suggest vegetable food you will enjoy it no doubt .

You row towards east and there lies the real sap of Allapuzha shikara cruise. Shallow and narrow canals will manufacture entirely different images and you are exploring Alappuzha Kuttanad in its true sense. Now get ready to tolerate the Alappuzha equatorial sun , right then we serve Alappuzha Kuttanad Toddy – A refreshing Kuttanad palm drink ( For more details read the page food and beverages). Since it is noon , sitting under a coconut palm shade you can now enjoy Alappuzha Kuttanad 'oonu" ( lunch) . No time to spare as you are being invited by the passion of beauty of interior Alappuzha back water villages. Now it is time to witness an Alleppey back water sun set and your tea gets ignored as you are getting yourself lost in the reddish ripples of Alleppey back waters. Attempt a halt for it is not as safety as we think .You are now about to have a short roaming in an Alleppey back water paddy field village. After wards you can approach your river side home stay with thatched roof and a few candles which try in vain to erase the night. You can have your bath in the river. By 8 O' clock your 'Athazham' (dinner) would be ready. Enjoy your night , sweet dreams!

Get up early in the morning so that you would not miss another crack of Alleppey back water dawn. Missing it means missing yourself . Around half past nine you can reach the destination where you started .

Kerala Backwater Canoe Boats

With the Kuttanad region and the Vembanad Kayal nearby, Alappuzha attracts tourists throughout the year. The criss-crossing canals in the area evoke comparisons with Venice, but the differences are also substantial. Each has an identity of its own. Amongst the notable sights is the palm covered Pathiramanal Island in Vembanad Kayal, one hour by boat from Alappuzha. The place is famous for the snake boat races and also has a number of historic colonial buildings and a beach. Kollam and Alappuzha connected to a beautiful lake named Kayamkulam Lake. Now newly started a major snake boat race in Kayamkulam basis.Kayamkulam town and National Thermal Power Plant are located in the banks of Kayamkulam Lake.

Kerala Backwater Village Cruise

A canoe is a small boat with a carrying capacity for three men . A canoe is meant to be manually operated not mechanically. Alappuzha boat house has a similar cruise package which is described above (read our page Shikara

Kerala Backwater Motor Boats

Motor boats ranges from five seats to one hundred and fifty seats can be availed . If one choose a motor boat cruise they cannot enjoy an overnight stay and they have to to have their food and drinks only on jetties . An Alappuzha motor boat cruise simply offers a wandering through waters of Alappuzha, however, these boats dominated by the early stage of the thriving tourism of Alappuzha.

Kerala Duck Growers Wherry / Kerala Backwater Adventures

Kerala duck growers wherry is the smallest boat used in the backwaters of Alappuzha. Only duck growers use it to pastor their ducks. Surprising skill is required to operate such a wherry . It can just accommodate a man.

Kerala Shikara Boats Duck growers use special type of wherry which is amazing it just carries a man who is a pioneer in managing such boats in the windy Alleppey back waters. These boats are known as 'Kothumbu vallom' ( Kothumbu – the shield which covers the inflorescence of the Coconut palm , Vallom – Boat ). Nobody had introduced a duck grower's adventures race here in the back waters of Alappuzha. For a tourist , however, we got a package truly defined and managed by the masters of Alappuzha 'Kothumbu vallom'.

schedule : Dhakshina (optional)( Dhakshina is a ritualistic exercise performed by keralites when they start studying a new technique, a new language, in short anything strange for them. Betel leaves with a whole betel nut with a small amount of money are given to the instructor / teacher and touch us his feet with hand and pray for his mercy). After one hour training session you can try your adventures canoeing . you can avail this sport only in Alappuzha back waters in this emerald planet. Wonderful, is it not ? .